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~Samantha Hodgson~
USDF Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medalist
BeyMoon Zela (Zar) is a 1991 bay Arabian stallion.
Sired by Bask-O-Zel, Zar is a Bask/ Bay Abi grandson.
He proudly holds an FEI Passport. In 2001, Zar came to
Samantha as a recently broke 10 year old who only had
very little dressage training. By 2003 they debuted at their
first show season together winning many 3rd level
classes. By 2005 Samantha and Zar were competing
successfully at Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I .
They have competed together 3 times (2003, 2005, &
2006) at the prestigious Dressage at Devon ***CDI
horse show. Samantha and Zar have earned numerous
accomplishments together from 3rd Level through Grand
Prix. Currently this talented stallion is showing at the
Grand Prix level.

Samantha and Zar have been invited 2 times (2005 &
2006) to participate in the Region 1 Advanced/FEI Jr/YR
Clinics with George Williams.

In 2007 Zar debuted at Intermediate II with scores to
61%. In 2008 Samantha and Zar earned a 58.125% at
their first Grand Prix together. At the 2008 ECRDA
Championship Show they were named Champions at
Grand Prix Jr/YR with a score of 62.917%.

In 2009 Samantha and Zar are looking forward to
another season of Grand Prix and Brentina Cup qualifying
classes. Their sights are set on qualifying for the 2009
Arabian Sport Horse Nationals at Intermediate II and
Grand Prix.
Dressage at Devon 2005 FEI Jog
2008 ECRDA Champions
Grand Prix Jr/YR (62.917%)
2009 ECRDA Champions
Grand Prix
Sr (62.128%)
Dressage at
Stone Tavern 2009
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